Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where did I go?!

Thought I dropped off the earth? Nope - just busy, busy, busy! I haven't touched my machine in a week but I will be making up for lost time this weekend.

No, I am not going to work on the mystery quilt. (I put all the little pieces and completed squares into baggies. This one is definitely on my back burner!) I will be working on my grandson's birthday quilt. His birthday was last week but I won't see him until February and I want to see his face when he opens it. It is going to be a very simple quilt because I want to keep as much of the fabric intact as possible.
From Quilty stuff
Alex loves "Thomas" and I think this will be really cute. The spotted fabric will be for the inner border and binding. I will use the darker blue print for the outer border. I chose red flannel for the backing as Alex likes the feel of it. I hope this becomes his blanket of choice!

Other busy stuff? Well, I took a vacation day on Friday and spent the day with some of my "sisters" (of the Society of Sexy Sewing Sisters fame). We had a great time even though it was CRAZY cold. On Friday evening, my DIL arrived from Virginia. She came to help me organize my basement! Isn't that incredible?! Saturday was spent running stuff to the Salvation Army and organizing and labeling all of the plastic totes in my basement. Saturday night Sally's former neighbor came to have dinner with us. Sunday we literally laid around all day - couch, my nesting chair, bed. It was a GREAT weekend!

I returned to work yesterday and then took another vacation day yesterday so that I could enjoy ALL of the inauguration festivities. What a day! I was so excited and proud and weepy - a regular hormonal freak out! Seriously, one of those days that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Back to work...and


  1. Can't wait to see this finished. My son wants every "child" quilt I make. It's so cute.......he thinks their all for him.

  2. That is such cute fabric and I am sure that he will love it!!!

    I met your wonderful son today! He is so awesome and I really enjoyed meeting him.

    He just might be able to help us out by doing some consulting for us.


  3. I absolutely HAD started to worry about your absence! We may have to start calling you the "reluctant blogger"...


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