Friday, January 25, 2008

Dragging others to the dark side...

I went shopping after work with Pam (best quilty buddy) to hunt for the perfect piece of fabric to complete my blocks. I found the fabric at Burkholder's (I knew I would) and then found several remnants of other fabric that will find their way into quilts. I have no control when it comes to batiks...or for any other fabric that I like. Pam said she didn't need anything and yet I dragged her down the garden path with me and she found fabric and bought it.

I am a very bad influence. Sadly, I am not ashamed...


  1. And you shouldn't be ashamed of taking someone to the dark side. Whenever Jen and I are in a quilt store she says I'm her enabler because she'll look at fabric and say how nice it is and then I just say you might as well buy it now or you'll just be back for it later. I love the dark side.

  2. I just went to that store for the first time in Dec, read my post on my blog about it!
    We will be back, LOVE Burkholders fabric store!
    We had so much fun in that store, you live in such a beautiful part of the country and so close to all those wonderful shops! so lucky!!!!

  3. Going to the dark side is great! My co-worker and I are headed there at lunch today.


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