Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting caught up

While waiting for my dishwasher to arrive yesterday, I cut out the last 4 blocks from Amanda Jean's quilt along. I managed to sew 2 blocks, get some laundry done and watch a little football. The dishwasher arrived and I nearly have NO idea! I love to entertain and this past Thanksgiving actually resorted to plastic plates. They were high quality and looked like ivory china but it just made me feel badly. I had 10 people for dinner and made just about everything myself. I tried to get all the prep dishes done before dinner but even with using plastic plates, we still ended up in the kitchen for about 45 minutes after dinner. I hate when that happens. Now, I can load the dishwasher, grab a cup of coffee and actually sit down in the living room and chat with my guests.

Yesterday, my nephew also brought back my baby changing table. It is white wicker with three full drawers. We bought it about 6 weeks before Chad was born. This thing is nearly 37 years old! Good grief!! I think every one of my sisters used it for their babies, just replacing the pad on top. Anyway, I cleaned it up and moved it into my sewing studio. It is PERFECT!! I put a medium size cutting mat on top and it is a great height for cutting. I put most of my yardage fabric into the drawers and I am just so pleased.

Someone inquired about my Mystery Quilt on Superbowl Sunday and ask if I was doing it on line. I had not thought to do that but (Joy) if you will send me your email address I will get you the info and you can quilt with us on February 3rd.

It is ridiculously cold outside this morning. It will probably take 20 minutes to warm up the car. Thank goodness for remote start...never have to leave the comfort of my home to start the car. Gotta love those guys at GM!


  1. Gosh, where are you that you needed to warm it up for 20 minutes? I thought it was cold in WI but I think you must have me beat because I turned the ignition and went.

    I hear you on the dishwasher. You worry about things like plates just like I do!!

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