Friday, January 4, 2008

Shopping Fool

My best quilty friend, Pam, and I went to Sauder's Fabric in Denver (Pennsylvania) yesterday. They were having a sale...a major sale. Turns out the "truck load" sale meant you had to buy full bolts of fabric but the savings was significant. Most of the bolts had 15 yards and at 3.95 a yard it was a heck of a bargain but I would never use that much fabric in a quilt and I rarely use the same fabric more than once or twice so we passed on those. They had 5 yard bolts of VIP fabric for 2.95 a yard but VIP quality is marginal, at best, so we passed on those. Where we hit the mother lode was in with the regular fabric that they had moved to the clearance section. Those fabrics were already marked down to between 2.95 and 4.95 a yard. They were discounting $1 off per yard plus an additional 10%. I bought Robert Kaufman, Hoffman, Benartex and P&B fabrics. Mostly they were fabrics that were introduced several seasons ago so I guess they were just cleaning out their stock. Lucky us! I bought fabric for quilt backs...lots of that...and also pieces of fabric that I just liked. (I am the princess of pretty, girly fabric!)

In a fit of madness, I decided to host a Mystery Quilt gathering on Super Bowl Sunday. I picked out the most darling free pattern from the internet (I am soooo cheap!) and we should be able to complete all the sewing (and maybe event the quilting) while we are together. It's a table runner but not your average runner. More after February 3rd!

This weekend my "Geese in the Snow" quilt goes on the longarm. I am excited and nervous. I know that I am just going to meander...nothing jazzy...for my first time out. This is a quilt for me so it is perfect for this first attempt. I have had this quilt in the closet for 18 months so I am more than ready to get it finished!

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  1. i love those sales! can't wait to see your mystery quilt project

    i tagged you on my blog :)


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