Sunday, January 20, 2008

Busy weekend...

I went shopping with my mother and my sister yesterday. First stop was at Joann's so that I could use my 50% off coupon. We went to the one in Lebanon because they have a better selection (and larger store) than the one that is closer to home. I bought a Debbie Mumm Christmas teapot that was discounted 70%, picked up a sweet Valentine dish that was discounted 40% and then found a box of 26 spools of Gutermann thread that (after my coupon) I only spent $15 to purchase. Whoo eee! The tread colors are so pretty and I will use them to quilt small things like table runners and small wall hangings that just are not big enough to go to trouble to put on the longarm frame.

Anyway, next stop was Kohl's. I love that store! Mom bought some clothing, Julie bought a decorative apothecary jar for the beach house and I bought a beautiful mercury glass tea light holder. It was in the Christmas clearance stuff (at 80% off!!) but is the silvery mercury glass so I can use it year round. (Looks lovely on my coffee table!)

Next was lunch at Red Robin. I LOVE the tuna steak sandwich on focaccia bread. Extremely yummy! Julie and I always get that and Mom decided to try it as well. Another convert!

Last stop was the Pfaltzgraff outlet in Hershey. CLEARANCE SALE! I could have spent so much money, however, I restrained myself. I do not need that Autumn/Thanksgiving china that was 75%, I don't need it but I want it! I have an addiction to china. I have more china than anyone I know and I still feel the need to acquire. (I think there may be something seriously wrong with me!) To pacify the bad girl inside of me, I bought a couple of small serving pieces that I can use with my own white china at Thanksgiving and since they were on clearance, I really had to buy them.

So, we zipped home and I went over to Julie's to help her do the borders on the wall hanging she did for her beach home. We loaded it on the frame and she started to quilt with a very beautiful variegated YLI thread. She started a large loopy meander and the thread started breaking every 8 inches or so. We re-threaded and it broke. We pulled out the bobbin and re-threaded and it broke. We checked for burrs on the needle...none. We loosened up the tension and it broke. She slowed down her stitching and, again, it broke. Julie hit the frustration wall so we decided to call it a day. I think she wanted to take it to the shore this weekend to hang so she most likely took it off the frame and did the outside border on her Viking. I am going over to the spring house today and take everything apart, grease it up and see if that cures the problem. YLI may just not be the thread to use.

I need to get caught up on the "quilt along" with Amanda Jean so that is going to top my list of things to do today. I think I will also start cutting the pieces for the mystery quilt I am hosting on Superbowl Sunday. My last big task planned for today is to find a spot in my kitchen for my new (to me) dishwasher. My niece is moving and needs to get rid of her portable dishwasher so that is coming to my place today. I am nearly giddy with excitement! Who ever heard of a 1200 sq ft apartment without a dishwasher?! It never occurred to me to look for one when I signed my lease. I love where I live so I don't complain (too often) about the lack of a dishwasher unless I have company and then I hate doing dishes and pots and all that mess. Takes FOREVER after everyone leaves and I hate when my guests want to help with dishes. So now I will have a dishwasher and Thanksgiving next year will be so much easier!

Long winded today! Think I need to get moving and actually do something!!


  1. Hey, you're my kinda shopper. I'm all about the bargains! Also love the phaltzgraff store...I have a mini-collection of Tea Rose pieces.

  2. Hey I just joined the Quilt A Long and found your beautiful quilt blocks. I never would have thought to do the busy background that you chose but it is amazing.
    I do alot of mystery quilts and was curious about the one you are hosting. Will it be available online? Would love to do it.
    Saw that you weer in Lebanon and got all excited. I thought that I should tell you to stop by then I realized that you were in Lebanon Penn, Not Lebanon Oregon. They have all those same stores. LOL Too Funny. Anyway thanks for sharing your quilts. I look forward to your next blocks. JoyB

  3. Interesting about the YLI. I have a bunch that I got from my birthday that I haven't gotten around to trying yet. Now I'm going to make it a point to find something to use it on so I can tell you what I think. I have the same problem with King Tut varigates. I wonder if we need to bump our needle size a notch? I noticed yesterday that it made a big difference raising or lowering the quilt what felt like 2mm.

  4. Oh and by the way, what a great idea for that Guterman sampler. I may just have to get one now!

    I think you're the only person I've ever met with a China addiction!!


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