Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Liar, liar...

I SAID I was going to participate in the NYE Mystery Quilt. I have the fabric (after much deliberation). I had to work in the morning but planned to come home, start the process and go hint by hint just the way the rules tell you to play. "Rules"...that's the problem. I hate rules! So, I cheated. Yes, I said it, I cheated! I looked ahead and thanks be that I did. I would have loathed the quilt. I have beautiful fabric that I intended to use that would make a gorgeous winter lap quilt. The mystery quilt has a theme when you start putting all the parts and pieces together. There are large pieced hearts all over the quilt. Now, I will do hearts and in some quilts and with some fabrics I know I would like them. This fabric simply does not lend itself to hearts. Because I am cheap (!), I poked around the internet and found a free quilt pattern that I will use today.

I need to sew! I made a fleece cape in chocolate brown for Emily to wear on Christmas Eve over her brown velvet Christmas dress, a large flannel bag for storing my sister's folding table and that's it. I did not work on my parent's Christmas quilt at all. We all gathered here on the 30th for a soup and sandwich meal that I always host after Christmas. I truly had intended to have the quilt finished by then but just could not find the time. I told my parents that since we are Episcopalian, I am opting to celebrate all 12 days of Christmas and they will have their gift by Ephiphany!

Now that I have made the proclamation that I need to sew, I better get hopping! I hope everyone had a safe New Year's Eve and wish all a joyful New Year!!

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  1. So, the 12 days of christmas...are there actually one per month? When does epiphany fall?


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