Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ants, crazy cat and family

First - the collective nemesis. The are sneaking in under the front door. I have been spraying with some (no doubt toxic) ant spray. Some of the ants come through staggering around and then collapse. (I love that!) Some others just don't seem to notice. Maybe they are coming from some other point of entry. I am now going to purchase Terro Ant Bait traps. They will take the bait back to the colony on their nasty little feet and kill the rest. (Hee hee hee...)

Next - the crazy cat. She gets weird whenever I use a bleach spray to clean counter tops or my kitchen floor. One sniff of the spray and she appears, waiting for me to finish. As soon as I walk away, she rolls all over the cleaned surface. She acts like she does around catnip. Very strange. This morning I used some kind of Swiffer wet cleaning pad to quickly mop my tile floors. I found her creeping toward the floor, making "I love you" noises and then rolling on the just cleaned floor. I will admit to enjoying a clean floor but nothing like this!

Last (but certainly not least!) - Chad and his family plus my oldest granddaughter arrive late this afternoon. There is a big family event on Saturday afternoon. Since everyone was supposed to be here, my mother organized a photo shoot on Saturday morning with a noted photographer in our area. Because my youngest son and DIL cannot come now due to work commitments, the group photo will not be complete but such is life. Maybe we can Photoshop them in!


  1. Stanley likes to chase the ants. He'll bark at them and gets really annoyed when they don't run away from him.

    Love and hugs xxx

  2. You could still have the photos taken. Space can be left and then later a photo can be taken of the missing person and be inserted (if a digital camera was used). We had that done a few years ago when we couldn't get AZ and MX family here at the same time.

  3. Agh ants. I had them at one of my homes once so bad that I was dreaming about them. The cat story simply funny.

  4. Have a wonderful time with your family!!!!

    Regarding cats, my kids love to bring in small leaves from the catnip plant and get the kitties high. They learned this one from their Daddy.


  5. We put something outside our house, I will ask my husband what it is...anyway, you go around your house with this and the ants won't come in. We have ants real bad here in Texas and we are constantly fighting fire ants and little bitty ants (some people call them p--- ants and some come them sugar ants. I just know I hate them. I'll let you know what the product is when I find out...As far as the cat story, I loved it. Very funny. I can just see your little cat acting crazy on the floor. Thanks for the laugh. Have fun with your family, hugs, Linda

  6. I used to wash the floor around our kitty's litter box with bleach until one day he rolled in it and got really sick. I guess he rolled, then licked his fur and the bleach made him really sick and he had to have his stomach pumped - I kid you not! So, be careful he doesn't get too much bleach.

  7. Oh I can sympathize with you on the ants ,we had a ant hill as big as a dinner plate right outside our door we sprayed and did all the regular things ,nothing worked then while listening to the radio a gardener said to pour boiling water on it ,I'll be darned ,it worked and didn't kill the grass .I hate any kind of creepy crawlers .

  8. Hi Suzan,

    I hope you would have loads of fun with your family!


    By the way, I hate ants!! They are annoying...

  9. The cat antics are hilarious, maybe she just wants to re-insinuate her own presence through scent... we can be so insecure about ourselves! ha!! Photo shop is indeed a marvelous tool, you could even sneak in a celebrity or two. That will keep future generations guessing...


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