Sunday, June 29, 2008


I didn't spend the whole day sewing but I have finally made a dent in the stars quilt along.
The only one I had made prior was the first star on the second row. I am using a lot of 3 Sisters for Moda prints. There is some "Seaside Rose", "Faded Memories" and bits and pieces of pastels from my scrap box. When it is completed there will be a fair amount of open white spaces so this one will give me opportunity to practice some big, fat, wonky feathers. I generally use "Warm & Natural" batting but I think I will try some wool batting this time. I have heard wonderful things about how it quilts and how it drapes.

On another subject, what the heck am I doing wrong when I photograph my quilts? My camera has 8 megapixels so I know it is capable of clear shots. Sometimes they are clear and other times they are fuzzy. I just took great shots of my grandchildren. The pictures I just took of my blocks are horrible...and I took several. Anyone have a suggestion...or two? I'll stop whining now...


  1. Do you have your close-up icon on? It's usually a flower symbol and allows you to do close up shots. That gives you more details and a clearer picture.

  2. very pretty!

    i agree with Bethany. also don't use your flash, it can/will really wash out the fabrics

  3. My guess is your camera is confused because of the white background. I also can tell you that with my little digital camera, sometimes I don't hold the button down long enough,or push it down far enough, and it doesn't get done focusing before I let up, then I get rotten pictures. That's just my experience.

    Your blocks look GREAT!

  4. Beautiful, Suzan. I love the "soft" look on those stars!!!

  5. I love the pastel look of your quilt.

    Are you getting too close to your quilts when you photograph them. That'll put the pic out of focus.

    Love and hugs Gina xx

  6. I agree with Bethany about the flower picture icon on your camera.
    But we get the idea...still lookes great.

    Good luck on the house venture...

  7. Those are so pretty - I love the fabrics you picked. As for the photos - I get that sometimes too and it's usually because I have my close-up setting on and shouldn't.


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