Thursday, June 5, 2008

How hard is it to make a quilt?

So, my brother called me last night.

"Suzie, how hard is it to make a quilt?"

"Why? You planning on taking up quilting?"

"No, I was just thinking that I have a lot of old t-shirts from concerts and I can't wear them. I thought they would make a cool quilt."

"I can do that but I have one I need to make for Chad (son) first."

"OK, how soon can we start this? I'll help. Will it take more than a couple of hours?"


I think I will ask him to bring his shirts, let him help me cut them and iron on the interfacing and then see how much interest there is when I explain the rest of the process. I think that if it takes more than 2 hours for the the initial cutting and fusing he will quickly decide he doesn't want to help. And maybe, just maybe, he will gain a little respect for what I do!

(Sigh)...Goofy brother...


  1. You know there are quite a few people who think two to three hours are sufficient for making a little do they know.

    Have fun with your brother as yu explain the in's and out's of making a quilt.


  2. I'm wiping the coffee off of my monitor now ROFL!!!! That one made me chuckle...... practically scared the cat.

    Good luck!!


  3. Oh dear lord...will it just take a few hours? OMG.

    I've been thinking about t-shirt quilts. I know you're supposed to cut the shirt and then fuse the interfacing but...interfacing to me is inexpensive. I think if it were me, I'd cut the front of the t-shirt off, iron on an oversized piece of interfacing and THEN cut my block into the desired size. Of course, this only works in my head!!

  4. They just don't "get it", do they? Very funny!

  5. Aren't brother's great??? Have fun!

  6. Isn't the cutting and interfacing of the shirts what is very time consuming with a t-shirt quilt? You would be lucky to get that help even if it scares him off after that! :) I think it's funny that everyone thinks I should be able to whip out a Very Badley bag in a couple of hours. Amateurs!

  7. Suzan,

    That is a FUNNY FUNNY post!!!! I love it! Hahahaha.... Yes, I think "involving" him in the quilting process is a magnificent idea - who knows, he might turn out to be another Ricky Tims! :)

    Thanks for the lovely comment you had left on my peacock quilt.

  8. ROTFLOL! Gotta love brothers. Put him to Maybe he'll love it and help you out more.

  9. I have given up hoping that the recipients of my quilts comprehend just what they have been handed - hours and hours of my life! The only one I ever knew who really understood was my mom, because she's a quilter too.

  10. Some people just haven't got a clue. Great idea for a quilt though.

    love andhugs xxx

  11. He's in for an eye-opening experience. I'm a quilter and I always think it takes way more time than expected, so he's really going to be surprised. 2 hours..... yeah, to pick out fabric maybe.

  12. Now that's a real kick!! I did get a sweet chuckle out of it. He needs to give it a try. Perhaps he can help you navigate in the kitchen until you feel safe again. Broken plates, grease fires, what next???!! Be careful!!


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