Sunday, June 8, 2008

Now what?

I bought a house...a house with 7 kitchen cabinets. I currently have 16 in my kitchen. What the heck am I going to do with all my stuff?!? The house was built in 1920. What did people do with their pots and pans and dishes and groceries? Where am I going to put my KitchenAid mixer and my coffee maker and my toaster? What do I do with my glass canisters and my cutting boards and my knives? Is this buyer's remorse or am I just in a panic?!?

The reason I made an offer on this house was because I could see myself living there. OK, I could see my new sewing studio (with 3 windows and tons of light!) and I could see how my four poster rice bed would fit in the master bedroom. The whole kitchen thing escaped me. Yes, I noticed the lack of cabinets but I wasn't focused on that. (I am a quilter, people!!)

AND NOW I HAVE TO PACK ALL MY STUFF! I HATE moving. It's OK when Mayflower shows up, puts all your stuff in a truck and moves it for you, but me moving myself? Oh, no! Boxes and paper and bubble wrap and tape...sheesh. The whole packing thing just freaks me out. Jen, I feel your pain!!


  1. Breathe, Suzan, breathe.....ahahahha. It's all going to be ok. You have plenty of time. Remember, you have til August to pack and then a couple of weeks to do it in. Small steps. It's going to be ok. Keep thinking "sewing studio"!

  2. Suzan
    You will find a way - that's what bakers racks and kitchen hutches were made for... I am in an old house, too and had 5 cabinets before we gutted to redo everything. It was - shall we say - challenging. But we found a way.

  3. Ohhh Suzan!! We're having the same problem with cabinets and with countertop. We have a huge amount of cabinets now and I tink we're going to about 7 as well. We do however have room for a bank of cabinets or a's just finding the right onw.

  4. Congratulations!!! Perhaps this means down-sizing a bit??? You'll figure it out, have faith.

    Quilty and Moving Hugs!!


  5. Start packing, slowly, now, and evaluate what is important, and what is not. How many dishes do you need? How many pots and pans will you use at once. My bet is that you can eliminate a lot and still have what you need. It will all be ok, and when you are all settled in and organized, you will be so content!

    Don't let the next too months be stress filled. This should be a fun and happy experience, yeah, who am I kidding? Waiting til you have the key is anticipation and excitement, doing the actual moving is Work! The final result, all settled in, is the Satisfaction, and when all the work is done, you can look back and see that it was all worth it.

  6. Who cares if the kitchen works - as long as the important stuff like your sewing studio works, that's all that's important :-)

  7. Congratulations , you must be thrilled .Nows a good time to get rid of all those kitchen things you only use once a year ,do you really need them ? Relax and enjoy ,just think about that new quilting studio .

  8. Hi Suzan,

    Keep your eyes on the "sewing studio"! A smaller kitchen means you will spend less time cleaning up the kitchen, and more time for sewing and quilting! :)

  9. Congrats on the new house! How exciting!

    As you pack, you will see all the kitchen stuff with new eyes, and I'm sure that you will find things that won't need to make the trip with you. (I know this from experience.) You may feel that you don't have extraneous things in the kitchen, but I bet you do. Start a Goodwill giveaway box while you're packing. We're not, of course, talking about KitchenAid mixers or beautiful new plates!!! Those are critical!

  10. Boxes and paper and bubble wrap, oh my, sounds like a take off of the Wizard of Oz....Like Regina said, breathe, it will be ok. Just remember, you are a quilter. As a saying I saw recently said, I only have a kitchen because it came with the house. It will be okay, just keep looking for the is a time to organize and downsize.I know you can do it. Quilty hugs, Linda

  11. Isn't funny, when you think, HEY, WHERE THE LAST PEOPLE PUT THERE STUFF?!?

    I agree 7 cabinets would nearly kill me. Perhaps you could could match the cupboards (if room allows) with a lovely pantry cupboard.


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