Monday, June 9, 2008

Treasure hunt

On Saturday in order to keep my mind off the fact that I was waiting to hear if my offer would be accepted, I went wandering with my sister. The first place we went was to "Garden Spot", a used furniture store. They have some new stuff but it is mostly junk. Their used furniture is incredible! I was thinking that I might buy a hutch for my new kitchen (I wasn't TOTALLY forgetting about the house deal!) and saw many that would be good possibilities. The candidates were mostly maple and easy enough to prime and paint. Average 3 door hutch with closed top? About $165! They are solid maple and many were Ethan Allen. I know that maple isn't popular but perfect for my application. After poking around there, we went toward Blue Ball out in Lancaster county and stopped at Carson's in the Cornfields. What a great shop! Lots of really pretty vignettes. Lots of architectural salvage. I see several sets of vintage shutters in my future! I also want a vintage gate in my garden for a "gate to nowhere". I got lots of great ideas but didn't spend any money.

As we were leaving their parking lot, Julie spotted a sign for "Furniture & Craft Shop". We decided to check it out. The shop was on a Amish farm. When we pulled up, a young girl about 13 or 14 came to greet us. The shop was thankfully air conditioned and had lots of goodies. I found this tea set (missing the pot but darling anyway)
There wasn't a price and when I asked the young woman she said, "Maybe $16?". OK - SOLD! I poked around some more and found this English ironstone pitcher and bowl. LOVE IT (and it will look fantastic on my antique wash stand.
That didn't have a price either so she said she had to check with her older sister. Big sis came it gave me another ridiculously low price and I said I would take it.

I think I am going to spend more time driving around Lancaster and Lebanon counties. The farms are beautiful and the shopping can't be beat!


  1. You got some great buys!

    Enjoy your week.


  2. Great finds! Now when you get in the new house and find you don't have room for the blue tea set, just email me and I'll send you my address to take it off your hands. I'm always here to help. Hehehehehehe(evil laugh)

  3. Susan, I saw your blog through the Quilting Bloggers search. I grew up in Berk's County. My dad was a Reading City policeman. I live in Utah now but its fun to see whats happening in the world of quilting from my home town. I haven't lived there for quite some time but I get homesick now and then. Love the teaset. So cute.

  4. OH YES -- those neat little finds in the many shops in your area. I do love the Blue Ball and Lancaster area, travel the back roads and you can find many 'primitive and antique' finds! I love the pitcher and bowl, I can just see them filled with the many flowers blooming right now!

  5. Hi Suzan,

    What treasures you found!!! I love the ewer and basin!

  6. One of my dreams is to explore the Lancaster County/Amish areas one day!!!

  7. Hi Suzan,
    Was having a little sneaky visit then saw your Live traffic feed showed someone from Australia had visited - guess that must be me!
    I am enjoying looking at your antique china and I visited Lancaster last October and can imagine what treasures are there. We did go into two antique shops where a couple of the other girls bought antique sewing accessories ... very interesting.
    Best wishes - Lurline.

  8. I wish I could join you on a jaunt around Lancaster County! I've been there once, years ago, and it was wonderful! DH's growing up years were spent there and for each of his birthday's the 'event' was to take a long drive through the countryside and end with a slice of Shoefly pie. Would you believe, I finally learned how to bake it myself? It's not 'quite' the same, but DH has fewer friends there now who are willing to ship them to him in the MAIL! LOL!

    Enjoy a wonderful day!

  9. Hello Suzan! I love to go treasure hunting, too! The treasures you bought are beautiful - they would look lovely in my house. Hehehe.....


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