Saturday, June 28, 2008

I HAD very good intentions...

I was going to do the Quiltathon today. Before and after I looked at a couple of houses. Well, I didn't sew before I went house touring and afterward I decided to swing buy Martin's Fabric Barn and choose some flat folds to make wheelchair lap robes. Then I stopped at the library, picked up a few new books to read, the latest Fons & Porter magazine, a couple of DVDs and came home. It was time for lunch so that took another 20 minutes. After lunch I sat down and looked over the magazine and dozed off on the couch...can you tell I wasn't enthralled with the mag? When I woke up, another hour had slipped away so I decided to give in to my lazy self and therefore I have done absolutely no sewing today.

Tomorrow is another day...


  1. Atta girl! We all need days like that sometimes!

    We went for a motorcycle ride this morning. It started out nice, then a couple times we got a few drops of rain. It wasn't bad, but pretty soon the wind kicked up, and the last 35 miles home, we rode south, with strong west crosswinds hitting us. Louie had a heck of a time keeping us on the road, with the wind gusts. I can't wait to see the news and see how fast the winds were. We are guessing 40-50mph. I wondered on the way home if the sides of our tires were wearing bald from riding on the sides instead of the bottoms!

    Have a great evening and don't feel bad about your restful day. You needed it, it sounds like!

  2. I think your day sounded perfect. We all need days like that and it was your turn.

  3. What a great day. Who cares if you didn't get any sewing done. You had the nice relaxing day that you obviuosly needed.

    Love and hugs Gina xx

  4. You obviously needed the rest and relaxation! I had a morning like that yesterday, just enough to get caught up on my sleep.


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