Saturday, February 9, 2008


I read Jen's blog and decided to find out which Jane Austin character I am. I think I knew even before I took the quiz! (I think I actually look a bit like Emma Thompson except I have better teeth!)

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

I am in the midst of finishing the last block of Amanda Jean's quilt along. I hope I like it better when it is sashed 'cause this bad boy needs some help! My sister is out of town so I don't have my "color consultant" to take along to the LQS. It needs something to make the squares pop and I am just not sure what route to take. I think this one will go into a bag and become a PIGS for a while. I would post a photo but it is embarassing ugly at this point!

Tomorrow I am going to load my granddaughter's quilt on the LA and get it started. I found a beautiful purple variegated King Tut thread that I am going to use to quilt it. Hopefully I won't get any pokes coming through because I really want to use a pre-wound bobbin and my color choices right now are off white and dark green. You get so much more thread on one of those. The biggest downside I see to the APQS Freedom is that it uses a standard size bobbin and if you wind your own, you can make only a couple of passes and the bobbin runs out. I know I saw the pre-wound bobbins offered somewhere on the internet and there were lots of different colors. I better go get my credit card!


  1. Hi, Suzan, I took the quiz recently and also discovered I am Elinor. I have a Millennium and love King Tut thread. I don't use pre-wound bobbins because I like to match my threads as much as possible but I do wish they didn't run out so quickly. Have a great Saturday.

  2. Hey, what kind of bobbin thread are you using? I got turned onto Bottom Line thread by Superior. It's strong and it loads a lot onto a bobbin. I can typically use maybe 3 for a twin sized quilt!!


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