Thursday, February 7, 2008


I know...second posting from me on the same day...but I am so excited! My sister and I are going on a quilting retreat being organized by Quilter's Heaven in Coudersport, PA. Mim has a lovely little shop and is so friendly and helpful whenever we stop in. Coudersport is in Potter County and it is an extremely depressed area. There have been plant closings and some other large businesses that have left the area. It is amazing that there are enough quilters in the area to support Mim's shop. Julie has a vacation home in Potter and that is how we discovered Quilter's Heaven.

Mim has been hoping to do one of these for a while so she is also very excited. We are going to learn the Double Wedding Ring. We are really delighted because both Julie and I have been thinking this is a quilt we really want to attempt but just haven't had the nerve!

So 2 nights & 3 days at a lovely inn, the opportunity to learn something really exciting and meet other quilters...well, let's just say that money was no object!


  1. OOhh - that sounds so much fun! My sister and I are settling for a scrap swap and working via internet on the same pattern -and seeing what we each come up with.

    Can't wait to see your quilts!

  2. How fun to be going on a treat. I look forward to seeing your pictures when you get back.

  3. OOOOO where is there information about this retreat. I am in Cumberland County, PA..... would love to find out about another retreat.



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