Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great weekend so far...

I ventured forth in my new SUV on Friday late afternoon. The roads were pretty clear and I stuck to mostly well traveled routes. I took my sister and nephew along as both were anxious to get out of the house. We got a little shopping done and then headed home. At that point, temperatures were dropping again and I hit ice on the way home...on a hill. Some fool in a F250 was climbing up my back. I was driving exactly the posted speed but folks think this particular speed limit is just a suggestion. Let's just say that the return trip was a bit more "exciting" than the trip out!

Julie and I had a pajama party (her husband was out of town) on Friday night and watched the "Pajama Quilter". This was Julie's first experience drawing on the white board. I can pebble like it is a full time job. I don't know why. That is just really easy for me. I have a lot of trouble with wonky feathers. Julie could not pebble to save her soul but you should have seen her feathers! A couple more practice sessions and we are going to load up muslin and batting on the LA, set up "zones" to try different patterns and just see how it goes. Looping and meandering go really well for me on the LA so I am pretty good with the "stylized meandering". I love those fat, swirling flowers that Dawn teaches. I am really anxious to use that on a quilt.

We sewed nearly all day on Saturday. I have all the sashing now on my quilt along quilt that I am making for my niece. I have the inner borders and outer boarders cut so I will put those on today. No pics of the WIP 'cause this quilt still needs more work to make it pretty! I think the quilting will make the difference on this one so it may be a long time before you see any photos!

We had to make a run to Burkholder's. It is the only place nearby that has a decent thread selection and I wanted something special for the bargello. OK, I needed some fabric - just a little. Julie wanted to pick up a couple of pieces for a bag she is making...and she needed thread...and WE NEEDED A FIX!

Foltz Pottery is having a rug hooking demonstration/sale today so my best quilting buddy, Pam, and I are heading over the mountain. Pam is also a rug hooker so she is really going to scope out the competition and see what kind of prices they are getting for their work. I am going along because they always have good food at the pottery. Yes, that's the truth. I am a sucker for a buffet...especially when it is free!


  1. So, did the F250 hit you? Are you guys OK?

  2. Sounds like a fun adventure. I love fabrics and pottery.

  3. sounds like you had lots of fun and found some time to spend at the quilt shop.

  4. sounds like a fun weekend! i can't wait to see that PJ quilter dvd

  5. Wow, that looks like it would be some quilt store!!! Ohhh, it sounds like you love The PJ quilter!!! So glad you ladies liked it!

  6. I love Burkholders!!!! Next time I go I'll have to pack my lunch LOL. Do you know if they carry Aurifil thread? I haven't found anyone locally that does.



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