Friday, February 22, 2008

"Snow Event"

Yes, that's what we are having...a "snow event". I promise not to dwell on it. I am like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve. I woke up at 1AM just to see if it was snowing yet. It was. Looking at the top of my car, I think we have about 4 inches so far. I was just out taking the photo and the teenage girl that brings my paper was trudging around making her deliveries. Bless her heart...and thank goodness for Daddy's that drive their little girls around!

I stopped at The Quilter's Pallette and picked up some fabric so that I could work on my "Chocolat Delight" this weekend. I have another quilt on my design wall that I need to finish and I should work on quilting the bargello but I still haven't decided what I want to use to quilt it. Jen suggested a copper metallic but they didn't have what I was looking for at the shop. If they get the back roads cleared tomorrow, I may make a trip to Burkholder's and see what they have. (I haven't been there in a week so really do need a "fix"!)

Once they have called from work to tell me that they are officially closing for the day, I will pack up and head to Julie's. I am finally going to get Emily's quilt up on the frame. I am going to freehand hearts and vines from Patsy Thompson's "Fast & Free" DVD. (I know...I can't believe it either!)

Hope everyone has a happy day!


  1. Enjoy your snow day! I'm so pumped that we are having a day of 40+ degree weather that we might actually be able to walk at break today.

  2. Stay warm, dry and enjoy the weather! It's freezing rain here at the moment. I managed to get to work without sliding into anything.

  3. Yipppeeeee.....enjoy your snow day!!!! Have fun and be careful driving!
    Regina in MI

  4. I just recieved one of Patsy's CD's and enjoyed doing the designs have you ever been to her web site she has loads of free quilting designs


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